Wheels and Nuts

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Wheels and Nuts

by rangyv8 » Tue Jan 01, 2013 5:54 pm

my alloy wheels need refurbishing,usual problem they are bubbling and the black paint is coming off leaving the white corrosion.
Does anybody have any recommendations of companies that can refurbish these wheels in the East Anglia region.
Or is it possible to DIY if so what paint and lacquere should I use.
What finish should the wheel nuts be, painted(colour?) stainless or just left natural(sort of rusty)
Any help and advise gladly received.
Does anybody have a copy of the dash plaque and certificate they could e-mail me.
My car came without any CSK number or docs (Reg No H901 KAR) Many thanks
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Re: Wheels and Nuts

by iveson » Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:25 pm

Subject: Re: Parts
Wheels come up nice with Silver Sparkle Sports 2 silver from www.wheelclinic.co.uk.

It has the large flakes of silver which gives the effect for that period of manufacture.

Lightly sand ( or heavier sanding to remove corroded parts )...palm sander.

Clean off with thinners.

Treat all the wheel with Hammerite Special Metals primer brushed on.

Spray on Tetrosyl Trade grey primer ( whitey-grey...more whitish than grey in fact ).

Silver will cover better over the whitey-grey primer.

Mask off tyre and black trim.

Wear paper breathing mask.

Spray on silver sports 2....order the big aerosols.
Follow instructions on can.

2 big aerosols for 5 wheels for 2 coats each should be ok.

Hycote polyurethane aerosol laquer ( after 30 mins drying of the silver as per instructions ).

Use Rustins satin black for hand painting black trim.

I didn't use laquer on the Rustins so need to do the black trim last but I did try the laquer on the an experimental rustins coated metal and it didn't seem to react.

With the silver sparkle 2....shake very well, "dust" on lighty the first coat .

Comes up nice ( nice for my amateur attempts anyway )...they do look good and a mirrorish effect in the sunshine.

I used the Hycote laquer as I had plenty on hand but it does seem to be for both cellulose and acrylic paints.

Best to do it in the summer.

Good luck.
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Re: Wheels and Nuts

by iveson » Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:54 pm

I used Rustins Satin Black and / or Tetrosyle Satin Black on my wheel nuts after a good wire-brushing and at least a night and day in Hammerite Rust Remover ( dilute as per instructions ).

I used Kurust after the rust remover had been washed off and then sprayed Tetrosyl primer on ( primer could be optional ), and then either brushed on Rustins as above or sprayed Tetrosyl Trade Satin Black which is the same as Colour Match ( 03 think but check ) black base colour as far as I could see.....Tetrosyl owns Carplan marque.

I didn't laquer them.

I think many of the Tetrosyl Trade paint line are the base colours for auto-paints as far as I can see....seems to be the case for Beluga Black anyway I have found.

Best do in summer.

Have fun.
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